Blue Berry’s on SLUSH!

Businesses have spoken about customer experience for a looong time. User experience has been on everyone’s lips for several years now. Now it is high time to think about INVESTOR EXPERIENCE. How to manage investor experience? With passion. With cost-efficiency. With results.

In today’s world, while media landscape, investor community and operating environment of companies are in constant change, there is now need for new kind of investor communications. And that is our second name. Blue Berry focuses on providing investor communications services for stock exchange listed companies – in a new way, always aiming for tangible results for the customer companies.

If someone said to me one year ago that Blue Berry is attending SLUSH, the one-of-a-kind event for start-ups, investors and companies arranged in Helsinki in November, I would not have believed it. HOWEVER, this year we will be on Slush, all over! Blue Berry is attending the event, as a start-up, together with all the hottest start-ups of Finland. Or of the northern Europe.

No, we are not about gaming business, no health care, no transportation, no other hype industry of any kind. We are about how to drive investor experience of listed companies.

Interested? Let’s discuss more. Slush takes place in Helsinki on November 18-19th. The event’s website is at, including profiles of attending Companies.

Meet you there!

The event will be huge, so if you’re present, please sms:
+358 40 535 8989
Mervi Pohjoisaho
Blue Berry Communications & IR Oy

Blue Berry Communications & IR Oy provides investor and financial communications services for stock exchange listed companies. Through consultancy we always aim for tangible results for our customer companies. Confidentiality and independency are our core values. As an accelerator company of Aalto Start-up Center, we also develop a totally new kind of service portfolio for investor communications. Blue Berry, established in 2013, operates in Salmisaari, Helsinki.