Financial Times: Few complaints over end to ”short-termish” quarterly reports

Financial Times recently published an article regarding end of quarterly reporting ”as-such” for listed companies. Following the change in legislation in the U.K. in November, allowing listed companies to continue quarterly reporting on voluntary basis, the first FTSE100 companies have now said that they will not release interim statements this spring, namely United Utilities, Diageo and National Grid.

Long-term investors, like Aviva and RBC, interviewed in the article, will not be missing quarterly reporting. ”For a long-term investor it really didn’t matter if there are no quarterly reports in any sector”, says David Lis, Head of Equities at Aviva in the article by FT.

However, the number of companies that have abandoned quarterly reporting is still small. For companies, the article suggests, quarterly reporting is a routine and they are used to the process. A survey by FTI Consulting on the subject among institutional investors indicated that dropping quarterly reporting might also lead to reduced levels of investor confidence.

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”Few complaints overend to ”short-termish” quarterly reports” by Alison Smith, April 28, 2015